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Residential Resource Tools
to aide you in the buying and selling process

CFPB Home Buyer Road Map

Starting point that is useful to all home buyers especially first time home buyers who are new to this process.

Closing Disclosure Explainer

Provided by the CFPB to help you as the home buyer (consumer) better understand your closing disclosure.

Closing Checklist - from CFPB

Useful to help you stay on track and be prepared for your closing. Helps to minimize confusion prior to and at the closing.

CFPB Guide to Closing Forms

CFPBs guide to a few of the forms you will see when you are closing on a new loan. Resource Page

Has sample closing disclosures, the Appraisal Institute, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the CFPB, etc.

Mortgage Amortization Calculator

A great tool for figuring balloon payments, estimated monthly payments, and how extra payments may affect the length of time it will take to pay off your loan.

FNTG Estimated Rate Calculator

Please be sure to select Chicago Title (our underwriter) when using this tool.

DTE Energy

Consumers Energy


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